Child Abuse Allegations

Local children and youth agencies in the Commonwealth are also entrusted with the responsibility for investigating allegations of child abuse, and determining whether reports are “founded,” “indicated” or “unfounded.” A “founded report” is defined as “a report made if there has been any judicial adjudication based on a finding that a child who was a subject of the report has been abused.” An “indicated report” is where the local children and youth agency determines there is substantial evidence of the alleged abuse. An “unfounded report” is a report which is neither founded nor indicated.

The Child Protective Services Act directs that the State maintain a central register of child abuse consisting of founded and indicated reports. It is important that your name not be on the central registry. Founded or indicated Child Abuse findings by Children and Youth can also be used against you in custody proceedings.

Douglas P. Earl, Esquire knows how to fight against Children and Youth. Do not be intimidated. Mr. Earl will fight for you. You will be surprised how one decision by a social worker assigned to investigate a claim of child abuse against you may set in motion a whole series of events which start taking away your rights. You will also be surprised that a decision by a social worker or therapist may be biased and not supported by the evidence.

• E.B. In Re: M.L BHA Docket No. 021-18-0933: Children and Youth division of Philadelphia Department of Human Services filed an indicated report of child abuse against Father based upon bruises. Judge grants appeal and orders child abuse record expunged. Judge rules no substantial evidence of impairment or substantial pain.