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The Law Office of Douglas Earl LLC, provides effective family law and divorce representation to people in Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery Counties, Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania.  Dedication, responsiveness, personalized guidance for 29 years during difficult times. We advocate strongly and we have the results that prove our effectiveness.  Douglas P. Earl, Esquire went to Erie County to fight for a Client in a Custody case.

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Douglas P. Earl, Esquire is in Family Court two to five days of every week.
With 29 years of experience on your side, you can be certain that we have encountered situations like yours before. We know how to anticipate the challenges that arise in divorce and family law cases. We know how to overcome these challenges, no matter how complex they may seem at first.

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Providing personal attention is an important part of the service we provide. We listen closely to the stories of the people we represent. When you visit us to discuss your situation, you can be certain that we will listen.  The Custody laws change frequently.  The last major overhaul of the Custody laws in Pennsylvania was 2011.  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania made it much more important to consider the members of a parent’s household. There are now certain notice requirements regarding relocation even if you have never been to court before.  Modifications or changes in custody orders are important also.  Sometimes a parent has to pursue or defend against contempt petitions.  In Contempt cases it is possible for Mr. Earl to recover your attorney fees for you.

Divorce – Douglas P. Earl, Esquire will help you protect your assets.  How long have you been married?  How will divorce affect your pension?  401K?  You worked hard to get to where you are at.  Is a spouse entitled to Alimony?

Support – How much child support is a primary custodial parent entitled to?  What about day care? Private School?  Extracurricular activities?  What if one or both of the spouses has other children?  What about spousal support?

Of course, we will do more than listen. We will work with you to sort through your issue and help you find a positive solution.
As we move forward, we will remain by your side. You will have one attorney working your case — our lead attorney, Douglas P. Earl. You will not be passed around from one anonymous associate to another. You will get to know exactly who is on your side.

Adoption – the Adoption laws in Pennsylvania seem byzantine and confusing.  Let Douglas P. Esquire take the confusion out of it and help you.  The first part of an adoption is determining if the non-custodial parent’s rights may be terminated.  Sometimes the non-custodial parent will consent. The second step is the adoption.  Some of the happiest days in a child and adoptive parent’s life are the photos taken with the judge after the adoption is approved.  These memories last a lifetime. Douglas P. Earl, Esquire wins adoption case brought by mother and step-father In the Interest of: S.E.E., A Minor, Appeal of: M.S, Mother, and S.S, Step-Father, Superior Court of Pennsylvania No. 1779 EDA 2017, decided January 8, 2018. Court agrees that Family Court Judge abused its discretion when denying the Petition to Involuntary Terminate Parental Rights and allow the step-father to adopt the child.

Protection From Abuse – Douglas P. Earl, Esquire has been representing people in domestic violence cases for 26 years.  Mr. Earl knows how to obtain a Final Protection From Abuse Order and how to defend against one.  A Restraining Order has a profound impact on your life.  It also affects the custody of your children.

Douglas P. Earl, Esquire defends a father on January 22, 2018 who is accused by his ex-wife of abusing their 15 year old daughter. Mr. Earl prepares the father and his girlfriend for the abuse hearing. He prepares the cross-examination questions of the 15 year old daughter. Father was trying to discipline his daughter over graphic posts on social media and sexting. Case against Father was dismissed after a full hearing.

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