• Sources: Philadelphia judge to plead guilty to federal corruption charges

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    CRAIG R. MCCOY, JEREMY ROEBUCK, AND MARK FAZLOLLAH, INQUIRER STAFF WRITERS LAST UPDATED: Wednesday, September 24, 2014, 1:08 AM POSTED: Tuesday, September 23, 2014, 11:22 PM         Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge Joseph C. Waters Jr., who has been under federal investigation for more than a year, has agreed to plead guilty to charges that he […]

  • Man Denies Police Claim That He Confessed To Killing Girlfriend’s Mother, Attorney Says

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    Man Denies Police Claim That He Confessed To Killing Girlfriend’s Mother, Attorney Says Posted: 09/24/2014 11:16 am EDT Updated: 3 hours ago A U.S. attorney for a Chicago man accused of killing his girlfriend’s mother on the Indonesian resort island of Bali said Wednesday that his client is denying a police claim that he confessed. The police chief […]

  • NFL player Adrian Peterson – Charges of Child-Abuse

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    It’s Never OK Michele Reiner (Co-founder, Parents’ Action for Children) and Rob Reiner (Film director and co-founder, Parents’ Action for Children) Posted: 09/24/2014 9:34 am  Last week NFL player Adrian Peterson turned himself in on charges of child abuse after a session of disciplining his 4-year-old son left cuts, welts and bruises on the boy’s body. The gruesome incident sparked […]

  • Mother Shot In Head Saves Baby In Final Moments – The Huffington Post

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    The Huffington Post  | By Hilary Hanson Posted: 09/23/2014 10:19 am EDT Updated: 09/23/2014 4:59 pm EDT The family of a Georgia mother killed last week says she died saving her infant daughter from her drunk, violent boyfriend. Jessica Arrendale died after being shot in the head on September 14 at her home in Smyrna, according to the Associated Press. Police […]

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    This Stepfamily Got Through Some ‘Really Tough Stuff’ But They’re Still Standing The Huffington Post  | By Brittany Wong Email Posted: 09/19/2014 11:33 am EDT Updated: 09/19/2014 12:59 pm EDT Share Tweet Email Comment As part of our Blended Family Fridayseries, each week we spotlight a different stepfamily to learn how they successfully blended their two families. Our hope is that […]

  • Custody matters in Philadelphia, Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County and throughout Pennsylvania

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      I represent parents in custody matters in Philadelphia, Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County. I have also appeared in other counties in Pennsylvania including Erie and Lycoming Counties.  You should beware that the first custody proceeding is rarely before a judge.  A Court Master (an attorney who works for the Family Court) holds a […]

  • What Is Expungement of Criminal Records?

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    Expungement of criminal records.  What is it? Can I get one done? How can I get rid of my arrest and criminal court records. This information will attempt to answer these questions. Whether you were arrested or charged and not convicted, or charged and have since paid your debt to society, you could still be reaping […]

  • Rape, Victim, Arrest

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    Today I am launching a news blog.  I will try to be informative and entertaining. A Norwegian woman who reported that she was raped in Dubai but then was sentenced to a 16-month jail sentence on charges including extramarital sex said on Monday that she had been “pardoned” and was free to leave the country. […]

  • Keep Up To Date

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    Check back regularly to stay informed of landmark decisions and relevant proceedings, as well as news from our legal offices. Federal Courts Advised: Check Attorney’s Credentials Federal courts nationwide are being advised to do more to make sure the people who seek permission to represent clients in them are in fact licensed lawyers. Most Class […]