Outstanding Results

Civil Litigation
• Samuel Wilson v. Valerie Lipford and Tony Camillo, Philadelphia Common Pleas Case No. 890801114. Mr. Earl represents songwriter Tony Camillo against a breach of contract lawsuit filed by Samuel Wilson. Mr. Earl filed to have a judgement against Mr. Camillo vacated. The Court vacates the judgement against Mr. Camillo. The Court holds a trial and finds in favor of Mr. Camillo. Tony Camillo wrote songs for Gladys Knight and the Pips. Mr. Camillo also wrote many hits from the 70s such as “Band of Gold” and “Wanted Young Man Single and Free.”

• Douglas P. Earl, Esquire obtains a substantial settlement for a teenager and his parents. The child was abused at a children’s birthday party. The birthday boy’s uncle was a sex offender.

• Douglas P. Earl, Esquire obtains a substantial settlement for a child that was playing outside when he was assaulted by an unsupervised sex offender.

Civil Forfeitures
• Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. In RE: $29,600.00 U.S Currency and Six (6) Mastercard Debit Cards, No. CP-14-MD-1896-2015. Ask the Woman who had $30,000 seized by the Pennsylvania State Police near Penn State returned to her. Mr. Earl went to Centre County in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, fought in court and after a difficult fight the money was ordered to be returned to her.

• Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. 1992 Chevrolet, 844 A2d 583 (Pa.Cmwlth.2004). Douglas P. Earl, Esquire wins an appeal from a forfeiture order. The client Theresa Hill was an innocent owner of a vehicle that was seized by the police.

Child Custody
• A.S v. M.K In the Superior Court Of Pennsylvania No. 3009 EDA 2012, Douglas P. Earl, Esquire wins an appeal of a bitterly fought custody case for the step-mother in a case where the father died.


• Douglas P. Earl, Esquire wins adoption case brought by mother and step-father In the Interest of: S.E.E., A Minor, Appeal of: M.S, Mother, and S.S, Step-Father, Superior Court of Pennsylvania No. 1779 EDA 2017, decided January 8, 2018. Court agrees that Family Court Judge abused its discretion when denying the Petition to Involuntary Terminate Parental Rights and allow the step-father to adopt the child.

Child Abuse 

• E.B. In Re: M.L BHA Docket No. 021-18-0933: Children and Youth division of Philadelphia Department of Human Services filed an indicated report of child abuse against Father based upon bruises. Judge grants appeal and orders child abuse record expunged. Judge rules no substantial evidence of impairment or substantial pain.

Protection From Abuse, Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders
• Mr. Earl defends a police officer who is accused by her sister of hitting her over the head with a beer bottle and after the incident, threatening to go to her house. Defense of self-defense, Judge dismisses the Protection From Abuse Petition against the police officer.

• Mr. Earl defends an ex-husband accused of abuse and stalking be ex-wife. Case is resolved with the dismissal after a period of no further problems.

• Mr. Earl defends a man accused of threatening to send family members to the residence of his ex-girlfriend to assault her. Ex-girlfriend brings text message of threat to court. Case was dismissed.

• Mr. Earl represents a medical student in obtaining a Protection From Abuse Order against an ex-boyfriend.

• Douglas P. Earl, Esquire defends a father on January 22, 2018 who is accused by his ex-wife of abusing their 15 year old daughter. Mr. Earl prepares the father and his girlfriend for the abuse hearing. He prepares the cross-examination questions of the 15 year old daughter. Father was trying to discipline his daughter over graphic posts on social media and sexting. Case against Father was dismissed after a full hearing.

• Douglas P. Earl, Esquire defends a man accused of threatening to shoot his ex girlfriend as well as the charges of false imprisonment, terroristic threats, and unlawful restraint after a trial on December 19, 2018. NOT GUILTY VERDICT.

Child Support
• Douglas P. Earl, Esquire wins on an appeal of a child support case from an order where half of the father’s income was garnished.

• Keisha Hamilton v. Andre E. Hamilton, In the Superior Court of Pennsylvania, No. 1443 EDA 2016, Mr. Earl represents father. Mr. Hamilton wins his appeal. The Superior Court agrees that Family Court was wrong by imputing income to him.

Criminal Cases
• Ask the young Woman never arrested in her life who found herself incarcerated in Clearfield County. Mr. Earl fought for her and she was released. She was alone until Mr. Earl arrived.

• United States v. Jose Artemillo-Castillo; U.S. District Court E.D. of PA (2006); Secured an acquittal after a 3 co-defendant jury trial in which the Defendant was charged with the distribution of 5 Kilograms or More of Cocaine and Aiding and Abetting. Client faced potential life imprisonment. Also obtained release from detention prior to the trial.

• United States v. Devin Barnes; U.S. District Court E.D. of PA (2008); Mr. Barnes sentenced for two robberies involving firearms under the Hobbs Act. Defendant sentenced to total of 9 months confinement.

• Commonwealth v. Brandon Dukes, Aggravated Assault charges against client dismissed. Client accused of biting, choking, and assaulting his pregnant girlfriend.

• Commonwealth v. Hector Mendez; Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas (2005); Mr. Mendez was found not guilty in jury trial of Rape, Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse, Sexual Assault, Indecent Assault, Unlawful Restraint, Simple Assault, Indecent Exposure.

• Commonwealth v. Basemy Gabriel, Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas (2011); Mr. Gabriel sentenced to minimum sentence of three years imprisonment for third degree murder.

• Commonwealth v. David Dlabik, Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas (2015); Mr. Dlabik given credit for being in a recovery house. He does not have to serve a mandatory term of imprisonment of one year for his third DUI conviction.

• Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Rene Vega, No. 2053 EDA 2015 Firearms conviction reversed. Client was chased by police, arrested in the bathroom of a barber shop. Firearm recovered by the police from the ceiling. Superior Court vacates the conviction holding that there was not enough evidence of client possessing the gun.

• Douglas P. Earl, Esquire defends a man against child pornography.The Federal Sentencing Guidelines recommended nine years incarceration. The man is sentenced to one day incarceration followed by a lengthy period of supervised release which includes ongoing therapy.

• Douglas P. Earl, Esquire wins the judgment of acquittal on Driving Under the Influence (DUI) case, Commonwealth v. Byron Brown. Blood test not used against Mr. Brown in trial because his rights were violated.