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Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney – Aggressive Defense Of Your Rights

Douglas P. Earl, Esquire is the attorney to turn to when the Federal Bureau of Investigation contact you or the police arrest you. He prepares to face your accuser. He knows how to handle a criminal indictment or arrest. When it comes to criminal matters, you should never try to defend yourself in court. A criminal defense attorney with experience is not only your best friend, but the best attorney is likely to get you out of facing the major fines, penalties, and potential jail time, depending on the severity of the crime. Unlike civil cases, with criminal cases you are typically facing harsh penalties, and are judged by your peers (the jury). The top criminal lawyers in Philadelphia are not only going to know how to successfully defend you in court, but will work to maintain innocence.

Why hire a criminal defense attorney?

Most individuals who are charged with criminal convictions don’t even fully understand the charges levied against them. Whether it is a charge of rape, a DUI, drug possession, or something more severe like a murder charge, are you fully aware of your rights? Were you criminally negligent, were you liable at all, or did you even have anything to do with the case? Hiring a criminal defense attorney is a good way to not only make sure you clarify the charges against you, but also fully understand what you are being charged with and the penalties that come along with it.

What can a criminal defense lawyer in Philadelphia do for you?

Our firm will:

  • Fully explain the charges against you, what you are charged with, why you are being charged, and what potential sentence will be levied upon you, based on the verdict which comes back in the case.
  • Inform you of your rights. If you were stopped for a DUI and questioned by police without being given Miranda warnings, should the case be thrown out? Mr. Earl will inform you of this, and all of your other rights, with every type of criminal charge.
  • Gather the right evidence, do our due diligence in fact finding, look for potential clues, errors in fact collection, errors in reporting the crime, and look for potential witnesses who can put you anywhere other than the scene of the crime.
  • Explain all available defenses, inform you of what will happen at trial, and explain what will happen afterwards, depending on the outcome of the case.

In addition to this, as your criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia, Mr. Earl is going to work to ensure you are dealt with the lowest possible sentencing terms, in the event you are found guilty. And, if there is any evidence pointing to the contrary of what you are being charged with, he will work to have the case thrown out, and entirely dismissed in certain instances, if there were issues in questioning of the suspect or other issues with evidence surrounding the case.

Why hire Douglas P. Earl?

With over 34 years of criminal law and family law experience, he is fully experienced in handling all types of legal matters, and all criminal charges against his clients. Not only does he work to build a relationship with you, as your criminal defense attorney, he will work to make sure he gathers all relevant facts pertaining to your case, to the officers involved in the arrest, and to information which was exchanged, to ensure all answers and evidence which were obtained, were obtained legally.

What sets him apart from other attorneys in Philadelphia? Some of the reasons to consider his expertise and experience include:

  • His experience as a criminal defense attorney. In 34 years, he has seen all types of criminal cases, and has defended all types of clients. He has worked with those who were guilty and innocent, and helped individuals on both sides of the case.
  • He understands all types of criminal matters, inside and out. He will explain the case, explain the charges against you, work to find out what really happened, and will ask all the right questions (to the right people), to compile your case and put forth the best defense possible.
  • He will gather relevant facts and information. From Google map locations and GPS tracking to find out if you were truly at the scene of the crime, to witnesses, surveillance tapes, testimony, and anything else pertaining to the case, which can possibly prove your innocence, or at least prove you weren’t fully responsible for the charges made against you.
  • He will watch interview video and questioning, as well as read over depositions. This allows him to determine if the line of questioning was legal, whether or not you were given your Miranda rights, and whether or not force or coercion was used to obtain answers. All of this can possibly result in the case being thrown out, if it is found that the police acted illegally.

In addition to this, Mr. Earl will work with you, ask you the questions he needs answers to, and look for potential witnesses, to best help your case move in the right direction.

New Criminal Record Sealing Law.  There is hope even if you have a conviction for a 2nd or 3rd degree misdemeanor.  Act 5 of 2016 is now in effect which expands criminal record sealing for many low-level misdemeanors. Pennsylvanians may be eligible if all the following apply to them:

Convicted of a misdemeanor of the 2nd or 3rd degree;
Free of arrest and conviction for a period of 10 years;
Never convicted of certain crimes (felonies, 1st degree misdemeanors or 2nd degree simple assault);
Have fewer than four misdemeanor convictions; and
All fine and costs associated with the case have been paid.

A criminal record often carries a lifetime of consequences, and even a minor criminal record can be a serious interfere with employment, housing, education and training, financial empowerment, and more.

Don’t wait one more day to call!
When it comes to criminal matters, waiting even one day to hire a criminal defense attorney is going to hurt your case. Evidence can be lost in a matter of minutes, especially with DNA, or surveillance video. With this said, you have to call a criminal defense lawyer in Philadelphia the moment you are arrested or served with a notice for criminal charges which are currently pending against you. Regardless of the charge, and whether or not you are guilty (or partially at fault), the first call you should make is to an experienced criminal defense attorney. And, when you want the very best working on your side, Douglas P. Earl is the first person you should call.

Not only does he have the experience to defend any case and criminal charge, he is well known, highly respected, and has been defending criminal matters for over 34 years. As a criminal defense attorney, he has seen it all, and dealt with all types of clients in the criminal circuit. For this reason, he is your best bet and line of defense, if you want to avoid that jail sentence which is lingering over your head. For any criminal matter you are currently facing, make sure the first phone call you make is to the offices of Douglas P. Earl, to ensure you are properly defended, and to ensure you don’t speak to the wrong people (namely police) without legally being required to do so.

Call Mr. Earl today at (215) 627-5970 for a free, honest evaluation of your case.

September 28, 2023: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. K.O., MC-51-CR-0003060-2023 – A date of client accused client of assaulting her after a Super Bowl party. Judge finds that there might have been a tussle but that there was no crime committed. District Attorneys brought out at the trial photos of bruises and a damaged lip. The defense brought out that the complaining witness was contacting my client after the incident. The Court dismissed all charges.

October, 7, 2022 – Not Guilty Jury Verdict. Commonwealth vs. R.G., Common Please Court Criminal Division, 2021.  Douglas P.  Earl, Esquire defends R.G. against rape charges in a jury trial and wins an acquittal. R.G. found not guilty by jury on October 7, 2022.  Attorney Earl worked hard to uncover facts not found by detective.  Attorney Earl used cell phone video, had a transcript made of body cam footage and cell phone videos as well as photos.

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