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Philadelphia Emergency & Expedited Child Custody Lawyer

Effective Handling of Emergency and Expedited Custody
Helping you make informed, intelligent decisions during difficult times
At the Law Office of Douglas Earl LLC, we know that there are times when the health and welfare of a child requires that we step outside of the traditional custody process. We know how to petition for expedited and emergency child custody orders.
When the well-being of your child becomes an issue, you want a lawyer who knows exactly what to do. With 30 years of experience on our side, you can be certain that we have that knowledge.

Emergency Child Custody Orders
Do you believe that your child could be harmed if the current custody arrangement remains in place? Do you need to take action so that the child will remain in your care, safe from any threats of violence?
We will take quick action in family court to obtain an emergency child custody order. We work fast because we know exactly how important the safety of your child is.

Expedited Child Custody Orders
Just because your child is not under any immediate threats of danger, that doesn’t mean that quick action cannot be taken to change the current custody arrangements.
If there is some major problem that requires a fast change to child custody orders, an expedited custody petition can be filed. We know how to handle these unique issues.

We Fight for You!
When you seek an expedited or emergency child custody order, the opposition will frequently fight back.
That is a challenge that we are equal to. Our extensive experience in family court means that we know every step to take to overcome even the most difficult challenges.

We’re Here When You Need Us
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help people in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania.
Contact an experienced family law attorney today.

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