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Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery Counties, Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania in Federal and State Court Douglas P. Earl, Esquire has defended individuals charged with Rape and Sexual Offenses for more than 34 years.  He stood side by side with a Philadelphia School Police Officer against rape charges when the jury returned a not guilty verdict. In another case Mr. Earl received the call that someone had just been arrested for rape.  He defended him at the preliminary hearing.  When Mr. Earl disagreed with the Preliminary Hearing judge that there was enough evidence for Mr. Earl’s client to stand trial for rape Mr. Earl filed a Motion to Quash.  The Motion to Quash was for a higher judge to review the Preliminary Hearing transcript.  The higher judge agreed that the Preliminary hearing judge was wrong and dismissed the rape charge.  Then Mr. Earl went to court with the client for several more hearings on the remaining charges of  Sexual Assault, Indecent Assault, Indecent Exposure, Corruption of the Morals of a Minor until there finally was a trial and a not guilty verdict.

October, 7, 2022 – Not Guilty Jury Verdict. Commonwealth vs. R.G., Common Please Court Criminal Division, 2021.  Douglas P.  Earl, Esquire defends R.G. against rape charges in a jury trial and wins an acquittal. R.G. found not guilty by jury on October 7, 2022.  Attorney Earl worked hard to uncover facts not found by detective.  Attorney Earl used cell phone video, had a transcript made of body cam footage and cell phone videos as well as photos.

Douglas P. Earl, Esquire stands by his clients every step of the way. You have been contacted by a Detective or you have been arrested.  Who do you call?  Call the person who has the experience.  Call the person who has been in courts in Delaware, Bucks, Montgomery Counties, Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania for rape and other sexual offenses.  Call the person who has even been to Wayne County to defend someone accused of a sexual offense.  Douglas P. Earl, Esquire. An accusation of rape can be devastating — crushing to your emotional well-being, your reputation, your job opportunities, your family, and more. Should you be convicted of rape in Pennsylvania the penalties and punishments are severe.  Innocent people are often subjected to being falsely accused or even wrongfully arrested on a charge of rape or other sexual offenses. When you engage in sexual intercourse against another person’s will or without his or her consent using force, violence, duress, menace, fear, or fraud you may be charged with the crime of rape. Other circumstances under which you can be charged with rape include when you engage in sex with someone who is too intoxicated to consent to sex, suffers from a mental disorder or a physical disability that prevents the person from being able to give consent, or if the person is unaware that he or she is engaging in a sex act. Douglas P. Earl, Esquire will fight for you!  There may be:

  • A false accusation – An accuser often needs no evidence to accuse you of rape.
  • Consent – When an accuser initially consents, but later charges his or her mind and doesn’t effectively communicate the withdrawal of consent, this defense may come into play.
  • Insufficient evidence – When no medical or physical evidence can be presented to corroborate the rape and you are dealing with a “he said/she said” situation”.
  • Mistaken identity – Unless the accused is known by the accuser, mistaken identity often succeeds as a defense.  There are many reasons to support a defense of mistaken identity.  Your accuser may have been influenced by police during the identification process.

Douglas P. Earl, Esquire believes in his clients.  He has also obtained substantial civil awards for victims of sexual abuse.  Loving parents were distraught when their child was sexually assaulted while playing outside of their apartment.  Turns out that a non profit organization put a sex offender in an apartment in their complex.  Douglas Earl successfully sued the organization and the apartment complex. Loving parents child was sexually molested at another parents’ childrens’ birthday party.  Douglas Earl obtained a substantial award for the family. Wherever it is in Pennsylvania.  Whatever law enforcement agency is involved.  Douglas P. Earl, Esquire will be there for you!

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