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Philadelphia Federal Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

28 years of Experience, Advocacy and Results

Douglas P. Earl, Esquire defended Jose Artemillo-Castillo against federal drug charges in the case of United States of America vs. Jose Artemillo-Castillo – Multi-defendant drug case – Client facing potential life in prison – 6 kilograms of cocaine –  Jury Verdict of Not Guilty on all charges.  Also before the trial Douglas P. Earl, Esquire appealed the pre-trial detention ordered by the Federal Magistrate.  Mr. Artemillo-Castillo released before the trial by the United Stated District Court Judge after pledging properties as collateral.

Douglas P. Earl, Esquire represented a Young Woman investigated by agents from Homeland Security and the United States Attorney’s Office for receiving package.  No criminal prosecution.

Douglas P. Earl, Esquire represented a Psychiatrist investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration.  Psychiatrist was not prosecuted.

Douglas P. Earl, Esquire defends Young Woman charged with Introducing Misbranded Drugs into Interstate Commerce and Failure to Register an Establishment in Which Drugs are Manufactured or Prepared.  Boyfriend was making Viagra from the basement of their home.  Douglas P. Earl, Esquire obtains release for Client after arrest and a time served sentence.

Tough, Aggressive Representation From a Pennsylvania Federal Drug Charges Attorney — 24-Hour Emergency Consultations

Are you being investigated by the FBI, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Postal Service, Homeland Security?  Have you been accused of drug trafficking or smuggling?  Douglas P. Earl, Esquire has been there.  He has helped people when they were most in jeopardy and needed a good lawyer.

At the Law Office of Douglas Earl LLC, we understand that federal drug cases are complex, involving the interplay of several different laws.

Defense of these charges requires the assistance of a skilled attorney experienced with jury trials and who has worked with the U.S. attorney’s office and federal agencies. Contact our Philadelphia federal drug crimes defense attorney today. We will work hard to protect your rights, interest and future.

Pennsylvania DEA Federal Drug Trafficking Attorney

Attorney Douglas P. Earl can provide the experienced and aggressive representation you need if you have been charged with:

Federal drug trafficking

Federal drug conspiracy

Federal drug manufacturing

Federal drug smuggling

Federal drug crimes carry severe penalties, including substantial fines and prison time (10 years to life), as well as possible loss of drivers’ and professional licenses. In addition, the police could try to take your cash, car or other property at the time of your arrest if they can establish the property was connected to any criminal activity. We will fight hard to get your property back.

Drug Smuggling Law Firm Serving Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware

Drug cases often hinge on whether the method used to obtain the evidence on which the charge is based was constitutional. Was there probable cause for the search of your home, car or financial records? We have the ability to thoroughly investigate and corroborate the facts of your case.

We will not accept a plea offered by the prosecution unless it is the best solution for you given the unique facts of your case. If it is not, we have the skill and experience necessary to present an aggressive and effective defense against felony drug charges.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help people in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania. Contact an experienced Pennsylvania DEA federal drug trafficking lawyer today.

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