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Adopting a child is an exciting adventure. You are not just expanding your family — you are taking a child under your wings, creating a loving home and positive future that may not have existed before you made this important choice. Unfortunately, there are some legal hurdles you must go through before you can call your child your own. Whether you would like to adopt your stepchild or a child you haven’t yet met, Philadelphia adoption lawyer Douglas P. Earl can help you take the steps you need to become a legal parent.

Stepparent Adoption

Douglas P. Earl, Esquire wins adoption case brought by mother and step-father.  In the Interest of: S.E.E., A Minor, Appeal of: M.S, Mother, and S.S, Step-Father, Superior Court of Pennsylvania No. 1779 EDA 2017, decided January 8, 2018. Court agrees that Family Court Judge abused his discretion when denying the Petition to Involuntary Terminate Parental Rights and allow the step-father to adopt the child.

Adopting a stepchild is more than just a legal process. It is you, saying to your child, “you belong in my life.” We can help you take this important step by filing the stepparent adoption petition, serving the adoption papers on the other biological parent, representing you during any hearings and taking other steps to ensure the process runs smoothly.
In most stepparent adoption cases, the biological parent will relinquish his or her parental rights without trouble. However, if the biological parent is missing or will not cooperate with the court process, we can bring an action with the court for termination of his or her parental rights.

Other Adoptions
At the Law Office of Douglas Earl LLC, we also provide caring and knowledgeable guidance to clients involved in:

  • Grandparent adoptions and other intra-family adoptions
  • Second parent adoptions
  • Agency adoptions
  • International adoptions and re-adoptions

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