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Attorney Douglas P. Earl

Attorney Douglas P. EarlWe stand for expertise and years of experience in a wide variety of legal disciplines.


Douglas P. Earl, Esquire is a Veteran of the United States Army.  Douglas P. Earl, Esquire regularly practices in Philadelphia, Bucks, Delaware and Philadelphia Counties.


Attorney Earl has 34 years of experience. He advocates for people wherever someone needs him.  Mr. Earl has gone to Erie, Pennsylvania to represent a Mother who happens to be a veteran of the United States Navy.  It is only when Army plays Navy that Mr. Earl takes sides!


When it comes to hiring an attorney who can represent you and your claims in court, you want to have the best, most experienced lawyer in Philadelphia, who has a proven track record. This is exactly what you are going to get when you choose Douglas P. Earl to represent you, and take on your case.


From walking you through the court and mediation proceedings, to informing you what the judge will ask, what the opposing party will try to do, and helping you prepare for your day in court, clients feel comfortable with him by their side.


Douglas P. Earl, Esquire brings 34 years of experience to every family and criminal law case. Douglas P. Earl, Esquire has represented many people in Federal Court. As a highly respected attorney, he has been in many courtrooms throughout the years. Not only has been has he been to Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties, and also the Philadelphia area, he has been all throughout Pennsylvania.  He has even been in Erie, Lock Haven, Clearfield County, Harrisburg, Scranton, and Wilkes Barre. He has even been to Federal court in Norfolk, Virginia.


Experience means that he has the knowledge to protect your interests in all types of family and criminal law proceedings.  He is committed to providing you with top notch legal support.  He approaches every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. He fights for you! You can be confident that you have made the right choice by choosing him as your attorney to represent you, when you need a positive outcome.


Mr. Earl is a 1982 graduate of Villanova University.  Upon graduation from Villanova University, he worked as a tax auditor from 1983-1987 for the Multi-State Unit of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue where he audited Corporations in the New York area.  This has given him invaluable experience in looking for records, and knowing what it’s like to protect you against the government when it decides to investigate you.


Mr. Earl is also a 1988 graduate of New York Law School.  While attending law school, he continued working for the Massachusetts Department of Revenue until 1987.  He then was an intern with the Kings (Brooklyn) County, New York District Attorney’s Office until his graduation from law school in 1988.


Attorney Douglas P. Earl knows investigations.  He has met with several Federal agents and Detectives in his years of practice.  He has reviewed forensic interviews in fine detail.  Mr. Earl represents people in family and criminal matters, as well as a variety of other matters.  You may contact him during any stage of your case.


New York, New York here they come! 6/14/24 – M.S. vs. R.M., Family Court. Mr. Earl represents Mother. Mother gets great job in Manhattan. Step-Father gets a position as a Theatre Professor in Manhattan. Mother is moving to Manhattan. Parents share physical custody during the week. Mother gives notice of relocation that she wants her daughter to live with her and step-father in Manhattan. Judge grants request in a Temporary Order before the November Relocation Hearing. Father had opposed the child going to be with her mother.


March 25, 2024 the case of B.M. vs. C.M-G. Mr. Earl represented Wife in divorce proceedings. Wife owns a well know restaurant located in South Philadelphia. Divorce proceedings were stagnant before Mr. Earl started representing Wife. There were restrictions placed on Wife’s restaurant due to petitions file by Husband. Mr. Earl immediately filed an Emergency Petition to challenge the restrictions on Wife’s restaurant. The restrictions were lifted. Mr. Earl pressed Husband either for a property hearing or for a resolution. Wife and Husband are getting divorced. What seemed impossible two months ago is now reality.


February 15, 2024: N.S. vs. A.P. – Father wins fight for primary custody! Douglas P. Earl, Esquire represents father in petitioning Family Court to change the custody order. Father has partial physical custody. He wants primary physical custody of his seven year old son. Court grants Father’s petition for primary custody. First there was hearing with judge who ordered therapy for the child and continued the case. Judge grants father primary custody at second hearing with judge after the evidence shows the child was not being treated right at the home of the mother.


October 30, 2023: M.N.W. vs. D.G.M., Protection from Abuse – Douglas P. Earl, Esquire represents D.G.M. against a Protection from Abuse Petition filed by his ex-live in girlfriend M.N.W. Judge dismisses PFA petition. M.N.W. claimed that D.G.M. assaulted and intimidated her. She testified that she was afraid of D.G.M. Douglas P. Earl, Esquire was ready with a strong cross examination and defense. Ex-girlfriend had their six year old daughter testify. Two sisters of D.G.M. testified. One sister testified that she was on the phone with D.G.M. and overheard an argument but no threats or violence. The second sister testified that the six year old child of M.N.W. and D.G.M. went to her house after the argument for dinner and the child was fine.


September 28, 2023: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. K.O., MC-51-CR-0003060-2023 – A date of client accused client of assaulting her after a Super Bowl party. Judge finds that there might have been a tussle but that there was no crime committed. District Attorneys brought out at the trial photos of bruises and a damaged lip. The defense brought out that the complaining witness was contacting my client after the incident. The Court dismissed all charges.


July 19, 2023: M.A.G. vs. K.D.M., In Support – Douglas P. Earl, Esquire brings K.D.M. to Family Court to clear up a bench warrant. K.D.M. has arrears over $24,000.00 and had his license suspended. K.D.M. had not been paying support for over a year. Court orders bench warrant withdrawn and K.D.M.’s driver’s license reinstated.


June 28, 2023: B.B. vs. G.T., Protection from Abuse – Douglas P. Earl, Esquire represents B.B. in a Petition for Reconsideration of a Protection from Abuse Petition B.B. filed. The Court had dismissed the Protection from Abuse Petition of B.B. when B.B. represented himself. The Court in the Reconsideration with Mr. Earl representing B.B. granted a final Protection from Abuse Order against G.T. The Court was able to see evidence of text messages from G.T. to B.B. B.B. also testified.


June 21, 2023: Douglas P. Earl, Esquire represented L.P. against a finding she was a perpetrator of child abuse by the Children and Youth Division of the Department of Human Services.  The Hearing was before the Bureau of Hearings and Appeals of the Department of Human Services of Pennsylvania.


L.P. wins!


L.P. was accused of Child Abuse because a pill box was containing a pink ecstasy pill was unzippered.  L.P. was with her child.  L.P. was a selecting a television program and did not see the child take the pill out of the pill box during a period of only a minute.  L.P. took immediate action when she noticed what happened.  The child was immediately taken to the hospital. The child showed no signs ecstasy ingestion although there was pink residue on the lips of the child.


The Judge agreed that L.P. did not commit Child Abuse.  The Law Derpartment and DHS vigorously pursued a case of Child Abuse against L.P.  This is where you need protection.  A Finding of Child Abuse can prevent you from working around children.   Mr. Earl has protected people against overzealous social workers.


Douglas P. Earl, Esquire knows how to fight against Children and Youth. Do not be intimidated. Mr. Earl will fight for you. You will be surprised how one decision by a social worker assigned to investigate a claim of child abuse against you may set in motion a whole series of events which start taking away your rights. You will also be surprised that a decision by a social worker or therapist may be biased and not supported by the evidence.


April 17, 2023: N.G. vs. Q.T. and Q.H. – Another success story. Douglas P. Earl, Esquire represents N.G. Her three month old baby was in the custody of the father and the paternal grandmother. Judge orders the baby returned to the mother after a contested hearing. Mr. Earl was ready with exhibits including an email from the hospital social worker.


April 10, 2023: M.M.-G. vs. E.D.D, Philadelphia Family Court – Douglas P. Earl, Esquire represents M.M.-G. in an Emergency Custody Petition. Children were taken to Cameron County by Father. Father claims children were abused. Judge grants Emergency Custody and Orders return of children to Mother.


March 31, 2023: F.B. vs. C.D. – Douglas P. Earl, Esquire represents C.D., the mother, in Philadelphia Family Court in her quest for her 5 year old son relocate and live with her on Long Island, New York.  Child had been living with Father in Philadelphia.  Judge grants Mother’s request. Child will be living with Mother in Long Island.  It was a hard fought battle.  Mother won because her exhibits, many photographs of the Child with Mother and her other children as well as information about proposed school, were presented to the Judge.


February 3, 2023: Commonwealth vs. Rogers, Municipal Court of Philadelphia – Case Dismissed. Client was arrested because he used a firearm, which he lawfully possessed and had a gun permit, against a criminal who was stealing his car. Client was taking out the trash when he saw the car thief. Police arrested him and charged him with assault, reckless endangerment, and possession of instrument of crime with intent because he told the police that he fired at the thief for stealing his car. Attorney Douglas Earl’s defense was based on Corpus Delicti rule.


December 5, 2022: Attorney Earl represents Mother. Mother retains primary custody of 12 year old daughter in Montgomery County. Mr. Earl defends mother against father’s petition for primary physical custody in Montgomery County. Father’s attorney wanted custody evaluation and made allegations against mother. Judge Orders parenting coordinator for parties for their 12 year old daughter. Mother keeps primary custody of child.


November 10, 2022: Attorney Earl defends E.V. against aggravated assault charges. Police Officer wrote in report that he saw victim on ground knocked out cold. Neighbor says he saw E.V. and victim fighting then victim went to ground. Charges dismissed.


October, 7, 2022: Not Guilty Jury Verdict. Commonwealth vs. R.G., Common Please Court Criminal Division, 2021.  Douglas P.  Earl, Esquire defends R.G. against rape charges in a jury trial and wins an acquittal. R.G. found not guilty by jury on October 7, 2022.  Attorney Earl worked hard to uncover facts not found by detective.  Attorney Earl used cell phone video, had a transcript made of body cam footage and cell phone videos as well as photos.


September 19, 202: Douglas P. Earl, Esquire obtains return seized United States currency by the Drug Enforcement Agency to Client of $750,000 after hard fought settlement negotiations.


June 6, 2022: Douglas P. Earl, Esquire obtains dismissal of charges of weapons and devices charges against Client for having a pellet gun at Philadelphia International Airport.  Client brought pellet gun to airport unknowingly. Pellet gun belonged to son and client did not know it was in her luggage.  Charges dismissed after client does community service.


October 30, 2020: In the Matter of Seizure of Twenty Thousand Dollars and Zero Cents ($20,000) in United States Currency.  Douglas P. Earl, Esquire represents family member whose relative had $20,000 seized by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).  DEA claimed there was residue of cocaine on the money.  DEA agrees to return money.


Child Custody Case November 6, 2020: T.V. vs. A.J., Philadelphia Family Court Judge grants Mother’s Contempt petition against father. Attorney Earl represented Mother. Father withheld child claiming that it was not safe for child to travel because of corona virus. Mother lives in Florida. Judge grants Attorney Earl’s request that Mother start period of shared custody of four year old child , plus orders that Mother have make up time for missed time with child. Judge also grants Attorney Earl’s request that Mother be reimbursed for the attorney fees she paid Mr. Earl.


Child Custody Case October 23, 2020: K.S. vs. S.R., Philadelphia Family Court – Douglas P. Earl, Esquire successfully defends Mother against Petition to Modify Custody Order by Father.  Father claiming that Mother allowed a prohibited party from being with their 8 year old daughter. Custody Order was that boyfriend of Mother could not be in presence of child. Boyfriend of Mother had a conviction for firearm offense. Father produced video of boyfriend of Mother being in the presence of the child. Attorney Earl argued that child should testify. Attorney Earl cross examined Father to bring to the attention of the court that the daughter was a happy child. Firearm offense not enumerated offense in Domestic Relations Custody law. Judge denied request by Father to have primary custody. Court changed Order to permit the live in boyfriend to live with Mother and child. Child testified that she was bonded with boyfriend and the other child of boyfriend. See also google review. Testimony also clear that Mother active in meeting needs of child.


A woman in Florida had custody problems that started in Reading, Pennsylvania.  Mr. Earl was there for her.  A family member says that a Philadelphia Police Detective is investigating someone in their family for aggravated assault.  Mr. Earl was there for them as their attorney to defend them.


A successful Protection From Abuse petition or a successful defense of a Protection From Abuse petition involves knowing what happens in the courtroom and what witnesses, police reports, medical reports, text messages, facebook, or social media are important to your case.


October 1, 2020: Protection From Abuse petition filed by Mother of client’s children is dismissed after a contested hearing.  Mother claimed that my client the Father told her “He was going to whoop my ass.”  Mother claimed that Father in the past had busted her lip, and pulled her hair.  Mother testified that she was afraid of Father.  Defense successful that Mother was trying to get an advantage in custody court, that there was no police involvement, medical care, and there was no text messages.  V.D. vs. J.M., Case No. 2009V7199.


Douglas P. Earl, Esquire defends a father on January 22, 2018 who is accused by his ex-wife of abusing their 15 year old daughter. Mr. Earl prepares the father and his girlfriend for the abuse hearing. He prepares the cross-examination questions of the 15 year old daughter. Father was trying to discipline his daughter over graphic posts on social media and sexting. Case against Father was dismissed after a full hearing.


Attorney Douglas P. Earl has obtained substantial settlements for families who have had children abused.


Mr. Earl has been defense counsel in Federal Courts in jury trial where not guilty verdict was returned in a case where the person he was defending was facing a potential life sentence if convicted.


New Criminal Record Sealing Law.  There is hope even if you have a conviction for a 2nd or 3rd degree misdemeanor.  Act 5 of 2016 is now in effect which expands criminal record sealing for many low-level misdemeanors. Pennsylvanians may be eligible if all the following apply to them:


Convicted of a misdemeanor of the 2nd or 3rd degree;
Free of arrest and conviction for a period of 10 years;
Never convicted of certain crimes (felonies, 1st degree misdemeanors or 2nd degree simple assault);
Have fewer than four misdemeanor convictions; and
All fine and costs associated with the case have been paid.


A criminal record often carries a lifetime of consequences, and even a minor criminal record can be a serious interfere with employment, housing, education and training, financial empowerment, and more.


Douglas P. Earl, Esquire knows asset and drug forfeiture laws. Ask the woman who had $30,000 seized by the Pennsylvania State Police near Penn State. Mr. Earl went to Centre County in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. He fought in court and after a difficult fight the money was ordered to be returned to her. It was not easy. First the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania claimed the seized money by invoking the drug forfeiture laws. Then the state of Pennsylvania claimed that it was justified in seizing and keeping the money based upon the Common Law forfeiture laws. Mr. Earl will go anywhere, Federal Court, Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Counties. Anywhere to fight for the return of your property that the police, state troopers, or other law enforcement agencies have seized.


Mr. Earl has defended school police officer, a teacher, and many people charged with rape and sexual offense cases. He has saved careers of police officers, teachers, and people from all walks of life.


He has successfully fought for mothers and fathers in custody cases for over twenty five years.  He values his clients and works hard to obtain every bit of information to help him fight for his clients.  You want an attorney who has handled over 1,000 custody cases.


Attorney Douglas P. Earl has fought to protect the assets of spouses and their rights in Divorce cases for over twenty five years.  When the topic of divorce comes up, one of the first considerations is the division of property. However, before you can “divide” anything, you need to identify, characterize, and value the assets that make up the marital estate.


Generally speaking, “marital property” in Pennsylvania includes all assets acquired by either spouse during the marriage (anytime between the date of the marriage and the date of separation).


“Non-marital” assets (also referred to as “separate property”) include the following:


  • assets acquired by either spouse before marriage
  • assets acquired by gift or inheritance at any time (except for gifts from one spouse to the other that occurred during marriage), and
  • assets acquired by either spouse after the date of separation.

If you are looking for advice, need an attorney to go to court with you, or simply want to find out whether or not you have a viable case, call (215) 627-5970 today for a free consultation. He will discuss your options and give you an honest evaluation of your case.

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