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Philadelphia Credit Card Fraud Defense Lawyer

Defense Against Credit Card Fraud Charges

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For over 34 years, the Law Office of Douglas Earl LLC, has provided high quality, personalized representation to people accused of serious crimes. You can be confident in our ability to protect your rights if you have been accused of credit card fraud. Whether the federal government is investigating or prosecuting you or whether a Detective in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester County is. Mr. Earl will defend you anywhere in Pennsylvania.

I have been with Clients accused of Credit Card Fraud. Starting with going to Court and obtaining the release of someone on low or unsecured bail. I have dealt with Assistant United States Attorneys, United States Postal Inspectors, Amtrak Inspectors. I know what to do when you are in jeopardy and accused of credit card fraud.

At our criminal defense law firm, we understand how serious these charges are. Without a strong defense, you could face serious penalties, including incarceration. We will work hard to protect you from the worst consequences.

Ask the client who was accused in dealing with credit card fraud involving over $170,000. Mr. Earl successfully represented him.

Credit Card Fraud Can Take Many Forms

Credit card fraud charges can involve a variety of common circumstances, including:

Accusations of simply taking another person’s credit card and using it to make purchases

Allegations of stealing someone else’s mail and obtaining a credit card in their name as part of a larger identity theft scheme

No matter what the exact details of your case are, you can count on strong criminal defense and aggressive advocacy from our lawyer.

We Believe in Preparation and Investigation

Sometimes, the evidence involved in credit card fraud cases is very complex, involving intricate paper trails and assumptions about intent.

We know the importance of careful investigation. We will thoroughly review all of the evidence, combing through it to seek opportunities to get you a positive outcome. With the information we gather, we will carefully prepare your defense.

We Fight for You!

We are not afraid to take cases to trial to serve your goals. We have done it many times before. Frequently, that is where we need to go in order to get optimal results.

We will strive to get results that provide the best possible outlook for your future.

We’re Here When You Need Us

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help people in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania.

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