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Philadelphia White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

29 years of Experience, Advocacy and Results

Tough, Aggressive Representation From a Pennsylvania White Collar Crimes Lawyer — 24-Hour Emergency Consultations

Are you being investigated or have you been charged with embezzling funds from your employer? Are you accused of stealing someone’s identity? You need an attorney who will fight to ensure that your rights are preserved regardless of the types of charges against you.

For 28 years, Attorney Earl at the Law Office of Douglas Earl LLC has been guiding our firm in providing high-quality, personalized representation to individuals charged with white collar and federal crimes.

What Happens When You Call Us?

What Happens in a Criminal Case? Each case is different, but here is what happens when you contact Douglas P. Earl, Esquire.

First, he will listen to you. He cares about your side of the story. More than just occasionally, he learns very important facts from the client during the initial meeting. Everything you tell us in these meetings is confidential and, by law, we will not share anything you trust with us. This initial consultation, via phone or in person, is absolutely free.

Second, once we understand your side of the story, we reach out to the police or the agents involved to hear their side and their arguments. Over the years, we have developed excellent communication lines with law enforcement agencies and also with a number of state and federal prosecutors. Our relationships with law enforcement are your advantage. After all, we can report back to you quickly and then revisit your case to discuss our strategy.

Third, we discuss our strategy. Often, cases present numerous options. We sit down with you and assess what you need to do. What is the evidence against you? How far is the investigation? Will you likely be indicted? Are you seen as a center figure in the case or thought to be a conspirator? What criminal statutes are involved? Depending on these and many other factors, our experienced trial team will inform you about the likely outcome of the case under each of your options.

Pennsylvania Embezzlement Charges Lawyer

We represent clients in all different types of white collar crime, including:

  • Embezzlement
  • Bank fraud
  • Investment fraud
  • Internet fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • CPA fraud
  • Identity theft

White collar crime charges are very serious, as is any federal crime. Being charged with these crimes should be treated accordingly. In addition to loss of reputation in your community and limited future job prospects, you could pay a substantial fine and even spend time in prison, if convicted.

Serving Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware

Our Philadelphia white collar crime defense lawyer is committed to examining each and every aspect of your case to determine the best way in which to pursue a resolution to the situation. Attorney Douglas P. Earl has the experience and skill to defend your rights and freedom at trial, if necessary.

Our firm is dedicated to standing by clients throughout the entirety of their cases, and afterward. We also handle appeals and post conviction matters for clients who need extended legal assistance.

Contact our Pennsylvania embezzlement charges attorney at the Law Office of Douglas Earl LLC, today.

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