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Philadelphia Relocation Lawyer

Effective Handling of Petitions for Relocation
Helping you make informed, intelligent decisions during difficult times

The Law Office of Douglas Earl LLC, provides guidance to custodial parents interested in relocating to another region. These can be complex issues that involve modification of existing child custody and visitation arrangements. Despite their complexity, you can be confident in our ability to handle them and pursue an outcome that works for you.

Do You Want to Move Away?
Pennsylvania overhauled its custody laws in 2011.  One of several major changes is that no relocation shall occur unless every individual who has custody rights to the child consents to the proposed relocation.  Even if you have never been to court before or there is no court order, Pennsylvania requires that written notice be sent to the other parent about the proposed relocation.  This notice must be sent by certified mail.  For the parent who opposes the relocation, a counter-affidavit has to be filed objecting to the proposed relocation.  Our firm has been successful in representing parents who seek to relocate with their child or children.  We has also been successful in representing parents who have opposed to their child or children being relocated by the other parent.

We are on your side!

You do not have to feel that you are tied down by your child custody arrangements. Relocation is a possibility — we can help you make it a reality.
The most important issue that is considered when determining whether relocation is a possibility is how it will affect your child. Will it allow your child to receive a better education? Will it allow you to obtain a higher income and provide more for your child?
We will help you pursue relocation.

Fighting Petitions for Relocation
Is your child’s other parent considering relocation to another state? Does this require a change to custody or visitation orders that you don’t agree with?
You have the right to oppose the movement of your child. When you choose our law firm, you will have a lawyer and advocate on your side.

We Fight for You!
The courtroom is an arena where legal battles are resolved. You need a lawyer who knows how to maneuver in this arena.
With 29 years of experience and nearly every day of the week spent in family court, we truly understand how to fight to get results. We will work hard to get the results you need.

We’re Here When You Need Us
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help people in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania.
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New York, New York here they come! 6/14/24 – M.S. vs. R.M., Family Court. Mr. Earl represents Mother. Mother gets great job in Manhattan. Step-Father gets a position as a Theatre Professor in Manhattan. Mother is moving to Manhattan. Parents share physical custody during the week. Mother gives notice of relocation that she wants her daughter to live with her and step-father in Manhattan. Judge grants request in a Temporary Order before the November Relocation Hearing. Father had opposed the child going to be with her mother.

March 31, 2023: Faoud Baksh vs. Coleen De Freitas – Douglas P. Earl, Esquire represents Coleen De Freitas, the mother, in Philadelphia Family Court in her quest for her 5 year old son relocate and live with her on Long Island, New York.  Child had been living with Father in Philadelphia.  Judge grants Mother’s request. Child will be living with Mother in Long Island.  It was a hard fought battle.  Mother won because her exhibits, many photographs of the Child with Mother and her other children as well as information about proposed school, were presented to the Judge.

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