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At the Law Office of Douglas Earl LLC, we provide strong criminal defense representation for minors accused of crimes. We have more than 28 years of experience and the advocacy skills to pursue the best results for your child.

When it comes to protecting the future of your child, you need a lawyer you can be confident in. You will find that lawyer at our law firm.

Defense Against All Juvenile Crime Charges

Actual case: Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Criminal Conspiracy, Violation of the Uniform Firearms Act, Possession of an Instrument of Crime charges dismissed. 14 year old child is playing.  He and his brother are on their way home.  They encounter a group of teens drinking beer.  Words are exchanged.  Another group of kids become involved with the teens who are drinking beer.  The beer drinking teens state that they were threatened with a gun and knives and that their book bags were taken.  The 14 year old is arrested.  Mother calls Mr. Earl on a Friday afternoon.  Her son is being held at the police station. Mr. Earl immediately swings into action.  He meets the mother at the police station.  He meets his new client.  He listens.  The very first hearing is a juvenile detention hearing.  Mr. Earl hears the Assistant District Attorney tell a Juvenile Master at the Youth Study Center how the 14 year old was involved in and used a knife in the incident.  The Juvenile Court Master orders that Mr. Earl’s client he held until a Juvenile Delinquent Adjudicatory hearing is held.  Mr. Earl immediately appeals to the on call Juvenile Court Judge.  Mr. Earl fights for the youngster.  The Judge allows the youngster to go home with his mother.  Then the fight continues.  Mr. Earl investigates the scene.  He takes photographs. He goes over everything with his client and his family.  Mr. Earl goes over the discovery (police evidence) with a fine tooth comb.  There are many statements.  Mr. Earl goes through every shred of evidence.  He emails the assigned Assistant District Attorney and Philadelphia Police Department Detective.   He points out that a juvenile who looks similar to Mr. Earl’s client was involved with a weapon, not Mr. Earl’s client.  He sends several emails and telephones the prosecutor.  Result: Charges Dismissed.

We have defended over 1,000 juveniles in all types of cases, including prosecutions involving:

Drug charges

Traffic violations

Alcohol offenses

Assault and battery


No matter what your child has been accused of, you can be certain that we can provide strong defense. Your child’s future is at risk, and we will employ our skills to protect it.

We Handle Direct File Crimes

In some serious cases, a minor can be charged and tried as an adult at the discretion of the prosecutor. These are called “direct file” crimes.  Mr. Earl knows how to prepare a defense, get a psychologist on board and prepare for a critical Motion to Transfer the Case to Juvenile Court.

These types of cases require representation from a lawyer who understands both the juvenile court system and the adult court system. We have that knowledge. We have gotten cases as serious as carjacking transferred from adult court to juvenile court.

We Fight for You!

We know that going to court is something that is often best avoided. However, we also know that sometimes the prosecution is simply not willing to play fair without a fight.

We have stood beside minors in both juvenile court and adult court. You can be confident that, if a case requires a fight, we know exactly what to do.

We’re Here When You Need Us

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help people in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania.

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