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Philadelphia Drug Charge Defense Lawyer

Defense Against Drug Charges

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Douglas P. Earl, Esquire has defended people charged with drug offenses in jury trials. Mr. Earl defended a man in a jury trial in trial court who was charged with possession with intent to deliver six kilograms of cocaine. The client was facing a sentence of life in prison. The verdict was not guilty.

If you need to fight a drug charge, turn to the Law Office of Douglas Earl LLC. With 34 years of experience on our side, we know exactly what steps to take to protect your rights. Our criminal defense law firm is eager and willing to fight to see that you get positive results.

The law has changed a great deal concerning mandatory minimum sentences. The Supreme Court of the United States, in the case of Alleyne vs. United States, ruled that because mandatory minimum sentences increase the penalty for a crime, any fact that increases the mandatory minimum is an “element” that must be submitted to the jury. This has had a dramatic effect in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania had mandatory minimum sentence for cocaine, heroin, marijuana, PCP, methamphetamines, among other types of drugs. Now every single mandatory minimum sentence may be challenged using the Alleyne case.

The arrest by the police can be challenged under the United States and Pennsylvania Constitutions. This area of the law is under the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution which applies to both the Pennsylvania and Federal Courts. If the police lacked reasonable suspicion or probable cause you have the right to have the evidence thrown out of court or suppressed.

Defense Against All Drug Charges

Drug charges can vary dramatically in severity. Some are misdemeanors, while others are serious felonies. You can be confident that we can defend you against any charge, including:

Drug possession

Drug possession with intent to distribute

Drug sale

Drug trafficking

Whether the accusations against you involve cocaine, marijuana or any other illegal substance or prescription drug, you can be confident that we will stand by your side and help you understand your legal options.

A lawyer cannot simply expect to move forward blindly and obtain a positive result. The more investigation, the more thorough preparation, the stronger the case will be.

We know how to build a strong defense against drug charge. We know how to examine every facet of the evidence in search of opportunities to get you better results. We want to keep you out of jail and help you keep your record clean.

Fighting Back Against Drug Forfeiture

Drug forfeiture proceedings involve the police trying to take a car, cash or other property that it claims was connected to criminal activity. We fight hard for you to get it back.

Your assets may be in jeopardy simply because you were arrested. Fight back.

We Fight for You!

We know how to present your defense to a jury if necessary. This is important. It means that we are not simply willing to accept any deal that the prosecution offers. If a plea doesn’t make sense, we will take your case to trial.

Arguing a case in court takes a great deal of experience. We have that experience. We have what it takes to help you present an effective defense against drug charges.

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