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Philadelphia Defense Against Sex Crimes, Rape and Other Sexual Offenses

Serving Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware Counties, Philadelphia, throughout Pennsylvania and the Country for more than 28 years. Mr. Earl defends people accused of sexual offenses in Federal Court and State Court or what is called Common Pleas Court.

Douglas P. Earl, Esquire has successfully defended people who are charged with sexual offenses such as:

31 year old man accused of viewing thousands of images of child pornography who was facing a recommended sentence of 9 years incarceration in a federal prison. Mr. Earl immediately started the client on therapy and a psycho-sexual evaluation. Client was sentenced to one day of incarceration with a lengthy period of supervised release.

56 year old teacher accused of sexually molesting his four year old daughter.  Protection From Abuse petition against teacher denied.  

School police officer accused of rape.  Not guilty jury verdict.

Man accused of raping his niece.  Rape charge dismissed before trial.  Not guilty verdict on remaining charges.

When you need someone to believe in you and fight for you the most Douglas P. Earl, Esquire is there for you.

Tough, Aggressive Representation — 24-Hour Emergency Consultations

For strong criminal defense against sexual offenses, turn to the Law Office of Douglas Earl LLC.

We are dedicated to aggressively standing up for your rights.

Are you being investigated? Are you accused of committing a sexual offense? You need an attorney who will fight to ensure that your rights are preserved regardless of the type of charges against you.

Douglas P. Earl, Esquire has been there when it has mattered most. Attorney Earl has stood with a school police officer when the jury returned a not guilty verdict on a rape charge. He has fought for the accused. Mr. Earl has also obtained substantial civil verdicts for minors who were victimized by sexual offenders.

Rape charges are a very serious matter for an individual. He or she may be facing jail or prison time, loss of a job or career, and lifelong stigma. Rape charges can also be very traumatic. Even when rape charges are dropped, the rumors or impression of rape may follow the accused for the rest of their lives.

The Difficulties Faced by Those Charged with Rape

Douglas P. Earl, Esquire is acutely aware of the difficulties faced by individual’s accused of rape. Their families and friends may be supportive — or not — and their neighbors, coworkers, and larger community will are interested in the rape charges. The accuser often is given more credibility than the accused.

Categories of Rape Charges

Douglas P. Earl, Esquire knows how the police investigate you.  He knows how to spring into action and seek DVDs of forensic interviews.

The specific rape charges that the accused is facing must be examined by a qualified defense attorney, but some general categories are:

Rape — Non-consensual sexual intercourse with another person
Attempted Rape / Sexual Assault — Non-consensual sexual contact
Date Rape / Acquaintance Rape — Rape in which the victim has a pre-existing relationship with the accused (such as a dating relationship or a prior sexual relationship)
Marital Rape / Spousal Rape — Rape alleged to have occurred within the context of a marriage; sometimes such a charge is made or threatened during a divorce.
Statutory Rape (Sexual Assault on a Minor) — The alleged victim is not recognized under the law as being old enough to give consent to a sexual act;
Rape Committed by a Juvenile — Different considerations may apply than for an adult charged with rape

Contact Douglas P. Earl, Esquire – Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney.   Douglas P. Earl, Esquire will fight for you!  Defenses are:

  • A false accusation – An accuser often needs no evidence to accuse you of rape.  What exactly was the police investigation?
  • Consent – When an accuser initially consents, but later charges his or her mind and doesn’t effectively communicate the withdrawal of consent, this defense may come into play.
  • Insufficient evidence – He said/she said scenario. Where is the hard evidence?
  • Mistaken identity – Unless the accused is known by the accuser, mistaken identity often succeeds as a defense.  There are many reasons to support a defense of mistaken identity.  Your accuser may have been influenced by police during the identification process.

If you have been accused of a rape or sexual offense charge schedule a consultation with Douglas P. Earl, Esquire today. Your defense and legal options will be discussed with you at length.

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