Being Arrested in Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery Counties

Arrested in Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery Counties or anywhere in Pennsylvania what happens? How do I get out of Police Custody?

You are arrested. What do you do? Each Police Department and Court is different.  If a person is arrested in Philadelphia the person is taken to be held at a cell in any one of the eight police stations that have closed circuit television or at the Police Administration Building.  In Philadelphia people arrested for DUI and woman who are arrested up at the Police Administration Building.  A Preliminary Arraignment at which bail is set is held anywhere from 10 to 24 hours after the arrest.   This is very important because bail will be set at this Preliminary Arraignment.  The person arrested appears on closed circuit television. The Preliminary Arraignment is held at the Criminal Justice Center.  The Criminal Justice Center is in Center City Philadelphia.

If you are arrested outside of Philadelphia in Chester, Delaware, Montgomery Counties the waiting period for your Preliminary Arraignment is generally a much shorter time period from when the arrest.  It is anywhere from two to six hours.  The Preliminary Arraignment is held before a District Justice who hears cases in the township in which the arrest happened.

I have represented people for almost 25 years in Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery Counties and throughout Pennsylvania.

I have represented individuals in all of the following matters:

Federal Cases, White Collar Crime, Appeals, Probation and Parole cases, Assault&Battery, Credit Card Fraud, Domestic Violence, Drug Charges, DUI & Traffic Violations, Multiple DUI Offenses, Expungement, Embezzlement,First Time Offender Programs, Internet Crimes, Juvenile Crimes, Sex Crimes, Pornography, Robbery, Violent Crimes.

In Federal cases bail is determined at what is called a detention hearing.  A Detentions Hearing is required within 72 hours of the arrest.

Bail will depend on how long the person has resided in the area, his or her’s work history, criminal background history, and the serious of the charge.

Bail decisions can always be appealed.

When trouble comes your way call me. I will be in your corner and fight for you.   If you or a loved one is arrested in Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery Counties or anywhere in Pennsylvania I will put my almost 25 years of experience and track record to work for you!


About the Author:

Douglas P. Earl, Esquire brings over 24 years of experience to every family and criminal law case. He is a 1982 graduate of Villanova University. Upon graduation from Villanova University Mr. Earl worked as a tax auditor from 1983-1987 for the Multi-state Unit of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue where he audited Corporations in the New York area. This has given Mr. Earl invaluable experience in looking for records. He is a 1988 graduate of New York Law School. While attending law school, Mr. Earl continued working for the Massachusetts Department of Revenue until 1987. He then was an intern with the Kings (Brooklyn) County, New York District Attorney’s Office until his graduation from law school in 1988. He has handled family court matters is many difference counties across the state. Mr. Earl practices primarily in the area of Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery Counties. He has handled matters as far away as Erie.